Programmes of international organizations

This fifth section of the inventory of instruments, rules and regulations on Community (EU and Ukraine) and bilateral (EU Member States and Ukraine) level lists the current international organizations programmes with options for RTD cooperation with Ukraine.

It covers the following 5 UNESCO programmes:

  • UNESCO: WWAP - World Water Assesment Programme
  • UNESCO: FRIEND - Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data
  • UNESCO: IGCP - International Geosciences Programme
  • UNESCO: MAB - Man and the Biosphere Programme
  • UNESCO: UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair Programme

and the following 6 additional programmes:

  • World Meteorological Organization and International Council for Science - IPY International Polar Year
  • NATO: SPS - Science for Peace and Security Programme
  • NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences and other partners: NEESPI - Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative
  • BSEC Cooperation
  • CEI - Central European Initiative
  • STCU - Science and Technology Center in Ukraine

and gives for each (see the respective links at the end of this page) information on the following:

  • Purpose, objectives, key priorities
  • Related sub-programmes
  • Funding schemes and instruments
  • Home page
  • Rules for application, financial rules
  • Projects
  • Contacts

Table with the information on the above 11 programmes for download